VSTP Schedules

Latest VSTP Train Schedules

Here, you can search VSTP train schedules. VSTP schedules are very short term planned train services. VSTP train schedules are often made within 48 hours of train departure, often created as a short term variation in a train’s workings.

Use the form below to search for VSTP services from a wide range of different train operating companies. This search feature works by searching the database for VSTP services (STP Indicator N) which match common Train Service Codes of train operating companies.

The live train times feature is still in development (about half way there), so the eye button on the right of each VSTP won’t take you to the schedule yet.

Headcode Origin / Destination Operator View
5N36LEEDS (2215) to SHEFFIELD (2324)Runs 25-05-2019Northern
5C98ILFORD E.M.U.D. (2100) to GIDEA PARK C.H.S. (2115)Runs 25-05-2019CrossRail
5T35LIVERPOOL LIME STREET (2105) to STOCKPORT CAR. M.D. (2227)Runs 25-05-2019Northern
5F72LEEDS (2110) to CASTLEFORD (2128)Runs 25-05-2019Northern
5Z51SHEFFIELD (2130) to ETCHES PARK SDGS (2218)Runs 25-05-2019East Midlands
5E80HERTFORD NTH C.H.S. (2030) to HORNSEY E.M.U.D. (2100)Runs 25-05-2019GTR
5A96LIVERPOOL LIME STREET (2029) to MANCHESTER OXFORD ROAD (2125)Runs 25-05-2019Northern
CARSTAIRS (2000) to LAW JN (2005)Runs 25-05-2019DRS
5Z51NEVILLE HILL T&R.S.M.D (2016) to SHEFFIELD (2124)Runs 25-05-2019East Midlands
3A86LONDON LIVERPOOL STREET (2005) to HARWICH INTERNATIONAL (2134)Runs 25-05-2019Greater Anglia