TransPennine Express Class 802 Deliveries

Following the recent completion of deliveries of GWR Class 800 and GWR Class 802 trains, the latest 6X80 paths from Dollands Moor have been the new Transpennine Express Class 802 units.

Units 802201 through to 802219 for TPE, will operate primarily on the North TransPennine Line between Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh. The fleet are expected to enter service in late 2019.

Please find below a list of historical class 802 deliveries for TransPennine Express. We’ll update this page when more TransPennine class 802 trains are delivered.

TPE Class 802 units are shown in bold, delivered by the locomotive in brackets.

  • 30/05/19 – the units delivered didn’t have numbers on them so this is a guess.
  • 802215 – came by ship from Japan according to wibble arrived in Tees Dock then onward to Aycliffe but unsure of path or exact date or confirmation.

TrainsPennine Express Class 802 Deliveries

  • 12/06/19 – 802207 + 802208 (66718)
  • WC 03/06/19 – 802215 (unknown)
  • 30/05/19 – 802205(?) + 802206(?) (66732)
  • 24/04/19 – 802203 + 802204 (73963 + 73965) to Eastleigh
  • 03/09/18 – 802202 (unknown) to Doncaster
  • 12/06/18 – 802201 (unknown) to Doncaster

TPE Class 802s are being stored at Eastleigh until needed. The new units have been doing test runs on the ECML very frequently.

Following the completion of deliveries of TPE class 802s, 6X80 working from Dollands Moor will see the delivery of Hull Trains class 802s.

Class 802 deliveries usually run out of Dollands Moor Kent in the early hours of weekday mornings. You can see all departures from Dollands Moor Sidings GBRf on Rail Record live train times.

Information incorrect or needs updating? Feel free to comment below with suggested changes or updates.

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