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DCR Class 60

Above: A DCR Class 60 (60055) at Southampton Up Yard, with a working to Westbury Yard.

Class 60, nicknamed “tugs”, are a diesel freight locomotive in use the UK. Whilst a large majority of them are stored at Toton, there are still a handful in operation working freight services in the UK.

Mainline Class 60s

DB Cargo

The following class 60s are in service with DB Cargo, as of December 2019, with either a normal, exam or awaiting maintenance TOPS status:

60001, 60007, 60011, 60015, 60017, 60019, 60020, 60024, 60039, 60040, 60044, 60054, 60059, 60062, 60063, 60065, 60066, 60074, 60091, 60092 and 60100

GB Railfreight

GBRf took over several class 60s from Colas. These are:

60002, 60021, 60026, 60047, 60056, 60076, 60085, 60087, 60095 and 60096.

DC Rail

60046 and 60055 are used by DC Rail on various spoil and aggregate workings around the south and midlands, alongside their fleet of class 56 locomotives.

Where to see class 60?

A large number of class 60s are stored at Toton TMD in Nottingham, so if you’re from that area, you won’t have to travel far. It’s usually possible to walk alongside Toton depot from a short distance afar, where you can see lines of stabled decaying class 60 locomotives.

Elsewhere, 60s aren’t all that common and don’t really have any fixed workings. They’re usually used to cover for class 66s. You’re most likely to find a class 60 on the following workings:

  • DB Cargo class 60s are used on petroleum tank services, predominantly those working between Theale Murco (Reading) to Robeston Sidings (Pembrokeshire) and workings between Margam and Westerleigh. Newport South Wales would probably be the best place to see class 60s, but don’t expect them with good frequency.
  • Occasionally, DB 60s will work out of Peak Forest as well, and on the occasional Toton based, DB operated, civil engineers trains. Due to the scarce number of operational 60s however, turnout will usually be a class 66.
  • GBRf’s class 60s are used on the Liverpool to Drax biomass services in conjunction with GBRf class 66s, and Tyne to Drax.
  • DCR also use a few class 60s so keep an eye out for DCR operated services on Rail Record live train times.

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