Some Images of RFD Class 47211

Some Images of RFD Class 47211

By chance I happened to come across a salvaged cab of Railfreight Distribution livery class 47, number 47211. Following a wrong turn, I noticed the remains of the scrapped locomotive in a yard and sought the opportunity to get a few photos whilst I was there, delighted to have found a piece of railway history so close to my home town.

Please find below, a selection of photographs of the remains of 47211. Whilst rare, quite a few cabs have been salvaged from a number of scrapped locomotives. I know there is also a cab of a class 50 in a pub car park somewhere in the Midlands, if you know of any other interesting finds that may be of interest to readers, please do not hesitate to drop a comment further down the page.

According to, the locomotive was scrapped in June 2003 at Eastleigh.

There are also a number of other photos of 47211 like this one in Brighton where it was originally used as a shed. I can only assume that its owner had to move on or moved house and did not have the space or equipment to bring it with them.¬†Although it’s in a publicly accessible area, I won’t disclose it’s location, to respect the owners (if any) and prevent theft or any deterioration/damage to the remains.

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