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Privacy outline

Privacy policy for Rail Record website ( including and

What information we hold from you:

When you enquire through the website contact form on the Get In Touch page, your name, email and comments are sent to us by email. Your details aren’t stored, and your email is deleted once read/replied to.

When you register for an account, we require your email address, a username and password. Your password is encrypted in our database and can be reset at any time. We recommend that you don’t use any private information in your username, as this may be seen by users when you contribute to the website.

Your email address is not shared with any third parties when you enquire through an enquiry form. It is sent to Ionos webmail server where it will be stored until read and deleted by us.


We encrypt passwords stored in our database. This website uses HTTPS secure encryption. The login and registration pages are secured with Google Recaptcha V3 to protect against bot attacks. The whole site is protected by Cloudflare which includes DDoS protection.

Members Area

We require from you, a username [which should not contain any personal info], an email address, and a password. Your password is encrypted in our database and is irretrievable.

Your email address is required for account activation to avoid spam accounts.

We don’t send you newsletters, or sell your email address to anyone. We will send you alerts / email notifications, but only if you explicitly choose to receive them, by setting either a train performance alert on a schedule, or by setting a VSTP / Daily STP Alert in the member area.

Alerts can be set as one-off or on a recurring basis. Recurring emails have an unsubscribe link. It is also possible to reply to any alerts, which will come to us and we’ll aim to respond in 24 hours.

Alerts – Members Area

Rail Record gives you the opportunity to get email and SMS alerts about train services. If you choose to receive these alerts, your email or telephone number (whichever method of alert you choose), your message will be sent through a third party sending service (SendInBlue). SendInBlue claim to be GDPR compliant, you can read up on their privacy and GDPR etc : read up on SendinBlue here (

From 9th October 2020, we will be moving alerts over to Elastic Email. You can view their privacy policy here.

Emails sent through the members area – which includes train performance alerts, VSTP alerts and Daily STP Alerts – are stored by Elastic Email and SendInBlue indefinitely for reporting purposes, but your data is processed in accordance with their Privacy Policy securely and not shared with third parties (correct as of October 2020).

You can close your members area account at any time by requesting deletion (please use the Contact button on the main menu above, or contact You can also request us to delete any log of your email from the above sending services, at no cost.

We use Elastic Email and SendInBlue in order to maximise delivery rates and reduce spam. This means that your alerts should be delivered in good time, and maximises the chances of them going into your inbox rather than spam folder.

Last updated: 09/10/20. What changed? – We’ll be sending out emails through Elastic Email and gradually reducing use of SendInBlue. This is to cope with higher demand for alerts etc, whilst maintaining our service to be free of charge for email alerts.

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