Newhaven Signal Boxes to be Demolished This Month

Newhaven Signal Boxes Demolished This Month

2 of 3 signal boxes in the Southern East Coastway will be demolished this March 2020.

Having been in service for so many years, we are devastated that these historical buildings haven’t been preserved by other parties.

Newhaven Harbour Signal Box has already been demolished.

Newhaven Town Signal Box demolition has been postponed, we’ll update when we learn more.

Newhaven Harbour Signal Box
Newhaven Harbour signal box complete with partially faded Network Southeast name plate. Newhaven Marine siding is just to the left out of the shot.
Newhaven Harbour Signal Box Gone
As seen above , Newhaven harbour signal box is now gone. The two above photos taken in the same place.

The 2 Newhaven boxes are of 3 signal boxes on the Southern East Coastway between Brighton and Seaford, all 3 of which were closed during the Seaford resignalling works. Lewes signal box remains standing, and is a grade II listed structure of historical importance. Fingers crossed this box stands for many years, or even decades, to come.

Control of the Southern East Coastway route between Brighton and Glynde, Plumpton and Seaford, moved over to Three Bridges railway operations center during the Seaford resignalling work. As a result, the 3 signal boxes which control the Seaford branch and surrounding area, were made obsolete.

Newhaven Town’s signal box frame was aquired by The Bluebell Railway in recent months for their own uses, although the signal box is expected to be torn down at some point this year. It was originally decided to be removed at the same time as the Harbour box but was postponed.

Newhaven Town Signal Box
A close-up photograph of Newhaven Town signalling box.
  • Newhaven Harbour signal box knocked down Saturday 14th March 2020.
  • Newhaven Town was also to be knocked down the same weekend but was postponed.
  • Newhaven Town signal box is postponed

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  • Grapevine reported it was discovered power supply still connected and in use on present systems so box not demolished 15/03/20. Newhaven Harbour Box was demolished 15/03/20 and new East Quay Bridge put over the railway. Work on Newhaven Town Level Crossing
    track 29/03/20 and not sure if Newhaven Town box demolished but line not opened as planned Monday morning 30/03/20

    • Thankyou Peter, I saw the works on the level crossing Saturday morning during a quick walk. They were replacing the ballast as there was a big hole where the crossing was. Didn’t seem to have touched the box at that time, but I’ll check again soon if I drive past on way for emergency shopping.

  • Can’t get there to have a look but Seaford Line was late opening Monday morning and I saw on my system opened 08 45. I understand the box was not demolished 15/03/20 as a power supply still in use had to me moved not necessarily connected to present systems

  • we need to stop these morons, Lewes box is grade listed

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