Newhaven Marine & Port Development Documentation

Newhaven Marine & Port Development Documentation

Development of Newhaven East Quay and Newhaven Marine continues into 2020. This post will document the developments taking place, and the reinstatement of Newhaven Marine for freight trains for the Brett marine dredged aggregates importation wharf and bagging facility. All pictures taken from public footpaths and safe places.

January 2020

Over the past couple of years, a lot of work has gone into Newhaven Marine, with the old station sidings having been completely relaid and ballasted.

More recently, January 2020 saw DB Cargo driver training taking place, with 2 light engine moves into the Newhaven Marine platform and out, working from Hither Green. In the below photograph, you can see one of the DB Cargo driver training moves leaving Newhaven Marine siding, towards Newhaven Harbour where the level crossing has been replaced. In the background, you can see a conveyor which when complete, will carry aggregates from Newhaven port where ships berth and unload, into the quay terminal.

Class 66 Newhaven Marine
A DB Cargo Class 66 departs Newhaven Marine station working 0Z32 to Gatwick Airport on driver training. The Harbour level crossing was removed in 2019. In the background, a conveyor from port side into the future plant. Signal NH5 has been removed and replaced by a new signal as seen below.
Newhaven port access road
Development on the Newhaven port access road takes place. A road bridge that runs round the back of Halfords at The Drove, over the railway and river, into Newhaven East Quay.
Newhaven East Quay
New sidings will be laid in the land above that has been dug out, connecting to Newhaven Marine siding and station. On the right, a conveyor which will carry aggregates to be loaded onto the trains.

February 11th 2020

As of February 2020, new sidings have begun being laid at Newhaven East Quay. The map below shows the path that which the Marine terminal will be laid. The blue pinpoint shows the point which the below photos were taken of the new sidings being laid.

Newhaven Marine Siding
Newhaven Marine Siding. Looking back at January’s photo, you can see the dug out pit has been filled with railway ballast and new track. Sleepers and rails can be seen in the top right of the photo, and sleeper ties at the bottom.

At the north of the map shown below, there is a bridge across the river. Walking south, the footpath progresses around to the left to the blue marker shown. It isn’t clear yet whether the footpath accessing the blue marker will still exist after the port access road (shown in red) is finished. It’s worth noting that there is a new footpath that runs directly south of the bridge across the river but it isn’t publicly accessible yet.

Newhaven Marine Siding
Newhaven Marine looking South West across the East Quay and beach with 2 new buffer stop head shunt.
Newhaven East Quay train track
A temporary fence infront of the one pictured restricts better photos. But the above shows a shot towards Newhaven Fort. We will attempt some long shot photos from Newhaven Fort later this month hopefully getting a bigger perspective.

WC February 17th

Further to last weeks photos, a look back this week shows a longer shot of the marine and quay. The two sidings merge into one at the far end of the photo. Following that, a level crossing.

Newhaven sidings
Newhaven sidings

We’ll share more photos of the Newhaven Marine developments and port access road when they form so check back later this month.

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