Locomotive Pool Codes List

Locomotive Pool Codes List

We’ve had a list of locomotive TOPS pool codes on Rail Record live train times for some time now, in the members area where you edit a train’s information. It’s not very clear as it’s all in a drop down list, so what we’ve done is we’ve compiled a list of them in a table below for easy reading and searching.

What is a locomotive pool code?

A pool code is a 4 letter code assigned to a locomotive on the UK rail network. Pool codes are used for segmenting locomotive in to different operational groups. For example, an operational locomotive might be in one of multiple pool codes depending on the type of work it is used for. Another example would be a locomotive that has left mainline work and been placed into a storage pool / a pool of stored locomotives.

It’s important to emphasise that not all pool codes below are used and many are redundant. If there are any new pool codes that aren’t on the below list, please do not hesitate to post in the comments at the bottom of the page, and we will update ASAP. Thank you.

Last updated October 2018.

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