Island Line Class 484 Deliveries

Class 484 Deliveries

The ageing class 483s are to be replaced this year, when service recommences on 1st April 2021. Since January 2021, the line has been shut whilst upgrade work takes place to prepare the line for the new class 484 units.

Below, SouthernRailwaysFan shares some photos of the new Class 484 units.

There are 5 units destined for the Island Line, and these are all converted from the driving motor cars of D stock trains, previously used on the London Underground. Below you can find when each unit was delivered to the Isle of Wight railway, and each of the vehicles which make up the 2 car trains.

Class 484s have been arriving by road to Portsmouth, where they are transferred by ferry and offloaded at Sandown where there is a road/rail connection.

Skipsey Trains captures the arrival of the first 484 onto the Island Line metals:

We look forward to travelling on these new trains once COVID 19 is out of the way.

Author: matt

Owner of Rail Record

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Paul Raven-Hill
8 days ago

Hi Matt,

IOW County Press has reported today the delivery of 484002 to IOW in the past week, with a few photos of it in transit on M42, but no-one seems to have seen it on the IOW yet! Probably hidden inside Ryde Depot!

Paul Raven-Hill

8 days ago

It was being tested at Eastleigh earlier this week around 23rd, so may have snuck over there on a boat from Southampton.