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Rail Record FAQ

Do you store any personal information?

Only when you register for an account on the members area. Your username, email and (encrypted) password is stored in our database. You also have the option to add to your profile; a profile picture, local station, bio and website link.

Where does the train information come from?

Live train times information comes from Network Rail. Us nor our data suppliers can guarantee the correctness of the data, and information may show some inconsistencies or problems.

I’ve searched for services at a location, but not all of them are showing?!

Network Rail only give us schedule data for the main passing/calling points for schedules. So faster train services and freight trains won’t show for every single passing point along the way. Try searching at another station or junction a little further away.

Live train times not updating

Sometimes services will not report. When a train doesn’t report at a timetabled location, it will show as “no report” at its most recent successfully reported location (2020 RR version only*).

Your website is slow

Depending on how many services call at the location you’ve searched for, the page may take a few seconds to populate. Likewise if you’re in a poor signal area or have rubbish internet connection, pages may take a few seconds to load.

Is Rail Record free?

Rail Record website is free to use. To use SMS alerts you need to buy SMS credits (2020 RR version* comes with a small number of complimentary credits, so you can test the SMS alerts out before buying anything).

*Latest version coming January 2020.