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If you want to suggest a feature or give us feedback about the Rail Record website, please use the enquiry form below and we’ll reply as soon as we can. If you’re having problems using our live train times search feature, please refer to our help guide.

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Rail Record FAQ

Do you store any personal information?

When you register for an account on the live train times section of the website, your username and email is stored privately on our website. These will be deleted when you delete your Rail Record account. It is important that your username doesn’t contain any personal information, as your username may been seen by other users depending on your website contributions.

Where does the train information come from?

Live train time information comes from Network Rail’s public data feeds. It is imported into our database, which we can then show you in a presentable format on the Rail Record website. Train service codes are sent through the data feeds to us, but we have manually added a little bit of information about each service. Train operator / service code information is compiled by hand and may not be 100% complete.

I’ve searched for services at a location, but not all of them are showing?!

Whilst most passenger trains should show up at most of the places they pass through, not all freight and non passenger services will.

Network Rail only give us schedule data for the main passing/calling points for schedules, so if a timetable has missed out a couple of minor locations, this is to save space and make searches quicker. Likewise, if your searching for freight services at a small station, try running a search for the next station or junction down the line as it might show on there. This makes schedules smaller and faster to load , otherwise our schedules database would be massive and it would take ages to search through.

Multiple locations for the same station?!

Network Rail give us similar location names for the same place. You’ll find London Waterloo has Waterloo (Main), and just “Waterloo”. EG London Victoria has London Victoria (main) and London Victoria (SE Plats) – this helps break down the huge number of schedules. If your search doesn’t show all services for that station, try searching again with some variations of the search term.

Live train times not updating

Sometimes the data feeds may become unavailable briefly from time to time. We hope to give you a bit of notice when they’re scheduled to go down for maintenance on the live rail page but sometimes they can go down unexpectedly.

Your website is slow

Rail Record uses caching and content delivery networks to improve speed. This means that the static content and styling on the website is stored elsewhere, taking load off the Rail Record website hardware. This improves website load times. If the website is slow, it probably means that the database which handles all of the live service updates is very busy or lots of people are searching live train times.

Is Rail Record free?

Yes, Rail Record live train times website is free to use. Network Rail’s data feeds are publicly available free of charge so it would be wrong to charge for us to charge for them.