Freightliner 66587 Receives New Pink Livery

Freightliner 66587 Receives New Pink Livery

Freightliner today announced a new livery for its class 66 locomotive number 66587. The naming ceremony took place at Southampton Docks today (Monday 10th June 2019).

Freightliner 66587 was named “AS ONE WE CAN”, in OceanNetworkExp magenta livery following Freightliner’s partnership with ONE. ONE (OceanNetworkExpress) is a new global container shipping company.

66587 is the latest Freightliner class 66 locomotive to receive a new livery, as Freightliner steadily turn from green to their new black and orange livery having been aquired by Genesee & Wyoming.

Here’s another Twitter tweet showing off the full livery:

As it stands, locomotives in the new Freightliner liveries are (as of Monday 10th June 2019):

  • 66587 (ONE Magenta Livery)
  • 66413 (G&W)
  • 66415 (G&W)
  • 66419 (G&W)
  • 66623 (G&W)

Repaints are carried out at Eastleigh Works.

Where can I find pink shed 66587?

You can check recent sightings of 66587 on Rail Record. The recent workings are shown at the bottom. Be sure to check the date column. We’ll try and update it as much as possible over the coming days. It’s recently been working between Southampton and Lawley Street, but as of Thursday 13th June, its now at Wentloog freightliner terminal.

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