Get Freight Train Timetables with Freightmaster Online

Get Freight Train Timetables with Freightmaster Online

Freightmaster is a premier resource for railway enthusiasts, providing timetables for rail-bourne freight trains.

Freightmaster Online Freight Train Timetables UK

Unlike most train times websites, Freightmaster aims to list only the train timetables which paths are used. Old or obsolete freight train paths which rarely or never run are removed by hand making FM Online an accurate and useful resource. Although no train timetable can be 100% accurate due to poor timekeeping and last minute cancellations, Freightmaster is closest to providing most accurate timetables for freight trains.

FM Online provides users with regularly updated lists of locomotive whereabouts. This makes finding trains easier instead of relying on word-of-mouth gen. The FM rail freight timetables come packed with train descriptions and their usual booked locomotives and loads.

Included in the year subscription to Freight master, you also get access to the FM Online interactive forum where forum users share sighting information. The FM Interactive forum users share regular consist information so if you’re trainspotting wagons then you’ll feel right at home.

In addition to the above, they also provide live signalling diagrams – maps of the UK Rail Network which enable you to see train locations in real-time. Trains shown on the live signalling diagrams are represented by their headcode / signalling ID and as the train moves between signals and stations, the live train signalling diagrams update to show the train’s movements.

Why use Freightmaster?

Freightmaster offers information that you’ll find hard to find anywhere else. The FM Online forum is where rail enthusiasts come together to share top information and details about train services. Many who have purchased a Freightmaster Online subscription were reluctant at first but have since never looked back.

How much does it cost?

You can view pricing information on the Freightmaster website by <clicking here>

Freightmaster Online subscription starts from just £29 without the printed timetables. Freightmaster offers printed book versions of its timetables, useful for writing in, which are released quarterly, the number of books you receive will depend on the duration of your subscription

Please Note: We are not Freightmaster, we are Rail Record – a seperate site. Any enquiries regarding problems accessing your Freightmaster account should be directed to subscriptions(at) email address.

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