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UK Railway Track Machines

Information about different on track plant and railway machines. We’ll share photos and information about a variety of UK track machines, including tampers, stone blowers, rail grinders, and MPVs.

For more information about track machine numbers and their associated headcodes, take a look at our On Track Plant Identification Guide, accessible from Enthusiast Resources on the main menu above.

On Track Plant – Volker Rail Beaver Tamper

Volker Rail Beaver Lightweight Tamper The Beaver tamper is a lightweight track tamper owned by Volker Rail. It has a top speed of 20mph and due to this, it is taken to work sites by lorry, rather than self propelled on the mainline. The Volker Rail Beaver tamper has 4 arms at each corner of …

On Track Plant – Schweerbau Rail Grinder

On Track Plant – Schweerbau Rail Grinder The Schweerbau Rail Grinder shown above was seen in Haywards Heath Up Sidings a little while ago. It is SPML 15 rail grinder with TOPS code ZWA-N. It was constructed in Germany in 1993 and is based in South East England. The rail grinder has running number DR79200, …