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UK Railway Track Machines

Information about different on track plant and railway machines. We’ll share photos and information about a variety of UK track machines, including tampers, stone blowers, rail grinders, and MPVs.

For more information about track machine numbers and their associated headcodes, take a look at our On Track Plant Identification Guide, accessible from Enthusiast Resources on the main menu above.

On Track Plant – Network Rail MPV

Network Rail MPV Constructed by Windhoff, the CargoSprinter MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) is widely used across the Great British rail network. 32 MPVs are used by Network Rail, for various track maintenance operations, including: Weed spraying and vegetation control. De icing of rail heads during winter. Water jetting and sandite application during RHTT season. The …

On Track Plant – Volker Rail Beaver Tamper

Volker Rail Beaver Lightweight Tamper This is an informational article for railway enthusiasts about the Volker Rail “Beaver” Tamper. Rail Record website does not supply track maintenance vehicles. The Beaver tamper is a lightweight track tamper owned by Volker Rail. It has a top speed of 20mph and due to this, it is taken to …

On Track Plant – Schweerbau Rail Grinder

On Track Plant – Schweerbau Rail Grinder The Schweerbau Rail Grinder shown above was seen in Haywards Heath Up Sidings a little while ago. It is SPML 15 rail grinder with TOPS code ZWA-N. It was constructed in Germany in 1993 and is based in South East England. The rail grinder has running number DR79200, …