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Clapham Common Tube Station
Clapham Common London Underground station – one of London’s two tube stations to have a deep-level island platform.

Established in 1863 and serving around 270 stations, the London Underground is the world’s first underground passenger railway system. The first line was the Metropolitan Line. The other London Underground lines are Bakerloo Line, Central Line, District Line, Circle Line, Hammersmith & City, Jubilee Line, Northern Line, Piccadilly Line, Victoria Line, Elizabeth Line (Crossrail Project) and Waterloo & City Line.

Here, you can read the latest London Undergound rail news and interesting articles about the world’s first underground passenger railway.

Least Used Underground Stations

What are London’s least-used Underground stations? For the past 3 years the below stations have remained consistently the least-used tube stations on the London Underground network. These top 3 are all located on the central line in Epping district. 1. Roding Valley Roding Valley is London’s least used tube station. Roding Valley is found on …

London Underground Island Platform Stations

What London Underground stations have an island platform? Although there are several stations served by London Underground trains that have an island platform (eg South Kenton), just 2 are deep level. There are only 2 stations on the London Underground network that have island platforms. Both of them are on the Northern Line. These are …

Top 10 Interesting Tube Stations

Top 10 Interesting Tube Stations We’ve picked out 10 London Underground stations which we feel stand out prominently from the rest. All tube stations are unique and each has its own wonders, but the 10 below, we have found to be rather interesting. Is your favourite tube station not one of the 10 below? Why …